Thursday, April 22, 2004

All along I thought I was a blue! My life must have changed after York U!

you are red....Reds are physical and sexual. They
love expressing themselves through their
sensuality and their physical bodies. They live
their lives in the here-and-now with zest,
strength, courage and self-confidence.

Reds love to live in physical reality, to
manipulate their environment. Reality must be
tangible to them. They must be able to see,
touch, hear, taste and smell it. Reds are not
abstract thinkers. A wall is a wall and there
is no need for further discussion or
speculation. Reality is literal, not ethereal
or complicated.

Reds require proof that something exists. It must
have a concrete and tangible substance. Reds
remind us that we have bodies, that we are
matter flesh and blood. These robust
personalities enjoy the physical aspect of
life. They dont try to see life as an illusion
or try to escape from it into a fantasy world.

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