Monday, April 19, 2004

Discovered black-pepper pork chops at 'Gerald's favourite coffee shop.' They were so good, I must have downed the stuff without much chewing. Still feeling indigestion from lunch. It's a worrying trend 'cos I felt the same after breakfast yesterday. It's not indicative of anything unhealthy, I hope.
Forgive the fixation on bowling. That's all I can think about now that the tourney is only 2 days away. It's safe to say I played my usual game today, though scoring below 100 AGAIN in one game is really scary. It cannot happen again. I don't have 5 games to bring my average up to par. Really hope there is a warm up round or Pegasus will be in trouble. Anthony isn't faring much better either. We're both underperforming today. Can't strike as well as usual, can't spare even the easy ones.
SAFRA Yishun has a 'tikam-tikam' night every Mon & Tues. They give out keychains with a tiny flashlight at the end for 140 pinfalls and above in a single game. Beyond 180 you get other nifty prizes right up to a car vacuum cleaner and a made-in-China mini-compo set for a near perfect game. Anthony and I usually get a nice haul of keychains between us but today we only managed one each. Pathetic. (SAFRA owes us our keychains tonight 'cos they're out of stock. Lame-o).
Hope this is just an off day and it's not that we peaked too early. Let's just save it for Wednesday and we'll see how it pans out. Relax. Cool. Chill. >phew!<
On the Phoenix front, with a little more consistency, Cara could almost be Vince's equal. Phoenixes, don't lose your nerve just because it's a competition. Just play your usual game and you'll be fine.
Yee will laugh if he ever finds out our scores tonight. Maybe we should just tell him and get it over with. Hey, it's not Wednesday yet!
Funny how competitive I can sound when I think I have a chance of winning. Does that mean I give up too easily too often? Hmmm....
Trainees have upped and gone to bowl for Griffin, even though Dawn & Lynette had earlier agreed to bowl for Pegasus. Eunice's decision. Since she's running the Tournament, we're not going to argue with her. Not when she has the power to toss us out of the game even before we throw the first ball. Let's not antagonize her unnecessarily. Trainees were supposed to train with us tonight, but decided they'll score with beginner's luck. There's true confidence!
Good fortune, y'all, and may the Force be with you!

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