Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to know how smelly I am today.

Got chewed out a little by Maj Chia this morn for not being able to provide enough seats for the MI kids, but I only found out about our seat shortage late on Monday, so there was nothing much anybody could have done at this late stage. Still, thank God for Mr Pau and the AVA crew who were up to their mark today getting everything ready for the MI S-cube seminar in our Hall this afternoon. Must also thank Shun De (check spelling please) and the Council ushers who were punctual, and genuinely welcoming to our guests. I was running around like a mad thing getting the directional signs from the music room and placing them in strategic positions so no one would get lost, and coordinating things in the car-park area to the transit area to the Hall to the AV control room. So, blazing afternoon sun + me working up a real sweat = 1 smelly, sweaty T-shirt, so bad I could even smell myself >yuck<. I apologize to everyone I sat next to subsequently including Sharmala and Ee Ling (who’s been a pleasure to work with in coordinating this event). Also sorry to cast & crew of NYeDC whom I worked with at SYF rehearsal today.
I surmise my sweat reacts with different T-shirt pigments in different ways and today’s combination was particularly bad. That’s why I try to avoid wearing black Ts – worst possible combination yet.
Still have our Senior Civil Servant’s talk with Mr “pany” of ISEAS to look forward to, which means more of the same tomorrow. I need a vacation…
More scenes chopped off The Odyssey today to fit into the half-hour slot we’re given for SYF. It seems a shell of its former self now; kind of a long trailer mostly. Just hope it makes sense to our judges in its present incarnation.
Also as an anti-climax, I didn’t get my trophy today. No one important enough around today to give away prizes at assembly. Maybe tomorrow then.

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