Friday, April 23, 2004

Looking forward to tonight! Got tix to the Kill Bill double bill at GV Plaza. June & I haven't done a midnight movie marathon for years, so tonight will be quite special. Gotta get some sleep in a while but haveta blog first. Writing this crap's getting unusually addictive!

Day was pretty routine with only the mad running around to fill up financial assistance forms, log PEARLS activity with PE Dept and attempt to arrange AV and logistics for next Wednesday's S-cube Seminar for Millenia Institute to break the monotony. Couldn't find Messrs Lee and Pao so maybe I'll have to do the latter thing tomorrow before Odyssey rehearsal.

With ol' faithful lunch partners Anthony, Vince, Cara and Darrell, we went to Ivin's Thomson branch for Peranakan food (sorry, Ray, for patronizing your mom's rival restaurant). Had satisfyingly lemak nasi lemak that came with chicken curry, fishcake and a generous portion of omelette. We ordered sides of sotong, ladies' fingers, homemede otah, another shrimp-crab omelette, and bakwan kepiting, a tasty pork-crab-shrimp(?) meatball soup. Darrell & I split Cara's chicken because she only eats fish on Friday. Finished up with gula meleka sago for dessert and bandung. Dessert was sweet and thanks to the addition of crushed ice, cold and oddly crunchy. Mildly spicy meal with a number of different flavours pleasantly rioting in your mouth.

Without warning the sky burst open while we were lunching. Torrential rains fell, trapping us in Ivin's row of shophouses far away from our respective transports. Took the opportunity to explore the couple of petshops in the vicinity to look at puppies on sale. The first pet shop we went to suddenly sprung a leak, flooding most of the shop floor in seconds. The shop assistants bravely assaulted the leak with a mop and pail. The effort was valiant but futile. One lucky plumber is going to be real busy tomorrow!
Someone rescued a schnauzer and his chihuahua friend from the cage on the floor before they all got wet. They must have joined the shih tzu on the cash-counter top.
We hastily but without drawing much attention to ourselves departed the rapidly sinking shop before they ordered everyone to wear life-jackets and man the lifeboats.
The other pet shop we visited was much dryer, of course. It sold chinchillas rather than puppies. The little things are so fluffy and would be hard to resist if not for the prohibitive price tag -- $1440+ for one of these fuzzballs. It would be the most expensive meal I could feed Momo with if I was ever to get one.
Ran for the bus stop when the others decided to get a massage while waiting for the rain to stop. No time to waste getting a massage and blowing $40 which I didn't have on me then (great -- I sound like a skinflint now; I'm not, honest). Managed to catch a cab from the bus stop (see, I can spend cash when I need to) and now I should prepare for a very late night tonight.

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