Thursday, April 15, 2004

Mental note -- afternoon lessons powered by solar energy and energized with the ambience of demolition works less than 100m away are hell. No wonder we invented afternoon siestas. Cats know what they are doing. I envy Belle & Momo.
Screened ST:TNG "Lower Decks" episode. Good to watch it again. Saw parallels in current discussions on issues of education & pedagogy; tests & assessments; authority relationships; definitions of character; perceptions from both sides of the superior-subordinate fence; risk-taking based on solid grounds of moral courage; responsibility to duty; and friendship, loyalty & duty. Mei drew parallel to "Ros & Guil" but didn't elaborate. I love this episode, hope the rest of the audience could see so much too. Wish I had time to discuss it further. Would offer to discuss "Ros & Guil" too, a play I could really get my teeth into. Not here, though. Not today anyway.

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