Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Officially getting my bowling trophy tomorrow. I haven't won a trophy for years now. Decades even. That's probably why this one is so important to me, trivial as it is in the grand scheme of things. I've never won a championship before. My previous trophies are a silver medal for a relay sprint event in primary school, a silver clamshell for soccer in Sec 2 and a bronze trophy for high jump in JC (from which I dropped out eventually). The high jump one wasn't that big a deal, there were only 4 competitors in that event. I got a medal for indoor soccer in an intra-varsity tournament playing for a team I had no business to be playing for. I was a York U student playing for a U of T club, and the circumstances under which I received the medal were just as dubious. As I recall, we lost every match that we played and yet we were still runners-up in the tournament. I'm also pretty sure there were more than 2 teams participating then. Strange.
But there are no controversies over the bowling championship. Our scores are clearly above every other competitor, even without adding our handicap of 10 pinfalls each. I've never picked up a gold before, and I never thought I would ever. Could this one be the start of more golds? We'll see...
All right. All this might seem quite petty and inconsequential to you, making such a production number over such a small achievement. Give me a break, please. I entered the contest with confidence, I took my training seriously, we even attempted to train our competitors so we could have more opponents and more skillful opponents to challenge(!), as partners we gave each other the moral support we needed during rough spots during the game, and hell, yeah, it all paid off in the end! If this isn't the sum of the ingredients of a success story, then what is?
So here I am obsessing again... what else is new?

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