Friday, April 30, 2004

This is Mimi.
Mimi is June's first dog.
Mimi lives with June's mom.
Today, Mimi is coming to visit us for the weekend.
What fun!

Auntie Mimi can play with Q-tip, whom she knows quite well.
Auntie Mimi will have lots of fun with Belle and Momo, whom she's never seen before.
Auntie Mimi loves to chase cats, which Belle and Momo are.
Wonder what she'll do with them once she catches them?

The cats think they will be safe because they can jump to high places.
Guess what?
Mimi can jump too!
Mimi's no Q-tip, that's for sure.

We had the same problem when Dot-Dot came to stay with us while her owners, Samson and Charis, visited Australia. Dot-Dot loves to stare at cats, and we were a bit apprehensive about how the cats and Dot-Dot would react to each other. Let's just say there was a cold truce between the species. No trouble there. Hope Mimi and the cats will adjust to each other as easily.

Sort of stuck in between things again. Done for the day, yet waiting for rehearsal to begin. It's at Chinese High today and it's the only "full dress rehearsal" we'll get before the SYF. Maybe I should'a gone home to chill for a while but I'm stuck here now.

Finally got the souvenir Odyssey VCD-photo CD package burned for NYeDC. Packaging is cheap, though, and many are liable to fall apart very quickly. They were the only 2-disc jewel boxes I could find so I was desperate.

Yee's working on getting the CD covers designed and printed & I hope they'll be ready in... oh, 10 minutes time! Hope it will raise cast & crew spirits a bit to see how far they've come already and what they can accomplish when they have the confidence. NYeDC can achieve greatness -- we've seen it happen before -- so let's just get there a little faster now, for the recognition you deserve. SYF, here we come!

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