Friday, April 16, 2004

Tired as I was, I went bowling again at Plaza Bowl. Really felt the need to get a good 'feel' of those lanes. Nodded all the way in Vince's car, so I wasn't much good company for him. It was so hot, and I was drained.
Bowling scores don't build much confidence though. 1st game, I fell just short of 100! Eventually crawled up to decent average only after 6 games. Must remember I don't have 6 games to warm up before the tournament. Yipes!
Nevertheless, Anthony is still hitting hard and hitting well. Bought himself a new ball and new shoes and took a few games to get used to them. His investment seems to have paid off -- by the last game he scored a personal best of 218!!! His 5-in-a-row from the 7th frame skyrocketed him beyond reach. Hmm... makes me want to buy a ball too, but I don't have a car and lugging 11-12 pounds to and from SAFRA on foot isn't my idea of fun.
If he can maintain and I can just improve form a little, the championship is ours! Bwa ha ha!
Met Cindy and Robin for the first time today. At last I can put faces to names in our breakfast table discussions. Bowling doesn't seem to be Cindy's cup of tea, but then she doesn't have a tournament to prepare for. Robin's bowling tips were useful, but I'd really have to get a ball of my own in order to put them to best use. The grip and palm support are virtually impossible to get right using generic house balls.
Cara's still bowling with some consistency. Good first throws, but now needs to work more on getting her spares. Vince needs more time on these lanes, def. C'mon, Phoenix, you've got to try threaten Dragon at least so they have worries on 2 fronts! Pressure on!
Aches and pains all over now. What do you expect after 6 games? Hope I can recover in time for at least one more session on Monday, and then... Bowling Challenge 2004, get ready for Team Pegasus!
Rah! Rah!
June joined me for dinner at the old faithful Islamic Restaurant. Briani is still quite ok but cucumber salad was bitter tonight. And the lime juice had some wierd jasmine flavour to it that tasted just wrong. bleargh! Had to order a bandung to wash the lime juice down.
Sloshed home hoofing it to Bugis Junction and City Hall then MRT back from Marina Bay. Standard if troublesome strategy if you really must get a seat on the train. Slept all the way back -- no surpriseszzz.

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