Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Well, I wonder how long this self-indulgence is going to last? Why am I doing this? No, not rhetorical questions, but rather an attempt to get closer to the veritas so I can understand the quid est. Pilate's question to himself, man that he was, forced to make unenviable choices.
Here, perhaps, is one place where I can see my own choices develop and where I can weigh out the options that shape those choices. Here is a personal record of the things I will forget, me with memory like swiss cheese. Here are snapshots in words of people I know and people I am close to and people I wish never to forget. Here I practice what I preach and begin writing again. To be honest, I never really started, but while I am inspired now thanks to the faithful bloggers I visit now and then, if I don't start now I never will.
Hasif, Ying Mei, Sarah, Ming Yan, 'nette, Farisa, Gideon, Adam and a bunch of others, thank you for opening up an opportunity for my own self-indulgent ramblings and to be as honest to myself as you have been to yourselves. I don't like mirrors much but it is important to reflect on yourself occasionally. Textual reflection is more demanding in a way, but I think less painful, more cathartic.
Thanks for still reading. I had to clarify for myself the why. I hope I'm not this boring in my subsequent posts, and more insights will follow from behind the glass security doors where my desk is in the Staff Work Room.

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