Saturday, May 01, 2004

It's the Labour Day public holiday today! But I don't have classes on Saturday so as a holiday, it doesn't count for much. Still, there's no other reason to go back to work either 'cos everything's closed, so yahoo! June gets the best deal when it comes to public hols falling on a Saturday. Because her work contract is for a 5-day week, it means she gets Monday off-in-lieu. Hey... I wanna review my contract now!

Found a link to the history of Labor Day, if you're interested. People died to get us this holiday, so better be grateful!

Belle has her favourite hiding spot.

Our filter is gonna need some SERIOUS cleaning after this!

All because Auntie Mimi (right) is visiting!

As before, the cats have a cold truce with the visiting dog. Mimi is out of her natural element in our house, so she knows she has "stranger" status here. Belle isn't much afraid of Mimi although she takes on a defensive pose when Mimi gets excited and barks (screams, rather) at her or passing shadows outside our front door. As for Momo, she's peacefully hiding out of sight -- behind the washing machine, in the dryer (as pictured), on top of the kitchen cabinet, under the bed, like the unsociable thing she's become.

As a kitten, Momo was the friendliest member of our household, always ready to greet strangers with a sniff and a chin rub. Ever since 2 chubby (June says "fat") kids came over and terrorized Momo, she becomes a complete recluse whenever guests arrive, whether human or animal. It's like we gain a guest but lose a family member in exchange. Hmmm... aren't all families like this? Whenever a visitor comes a-calling, Dad or someone else (depending on who did the inviting) disappears only to reappear after the 'invaders' have left.

Anyway, there is peace in the household, which is more than I could hope for.

Going to celebrate Aun's bdae later at some Cantonese restaurant called Loy Sum Juan in Tiong Bahru Plaza. I thought our family usually goes for a buffet meal on special occasions such as this, but it seems like we've been there, done that once too often already. So, Guangdong cuisine it will be tonight. And I was looking forward to sashimi and half-shell oysters too.

June's put together the photo album of our Hawaii trip last year. Not the online one but the um... hard copy one. We're now ready to share them with Adrian who's got some shots of his own to show us too. We'll see him tomorrow at lunch, though I'm not looking forward to lugging 2 monstrously sized photo albums over to the East and then lugging them all back. But the photo layouts and the photos themselves are beautiful and deserve to be looked at by people other than ourselves. We'll manage somehow.

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