Saturday, May 01, 2004

Just a quick memory test because I'm bored. Name the dishes from our dinner at Loy Sum Juan:
Sharks' fin soup
Abalone/jellyfish cold dish
Scallop-celery salad
Har Jeong Gai
Braised duck
Steamed fish
Tofu spring rolls
Obligatory noodles
Longans with almond jelly

Seems to be a dish I can't remember. Or was it an 8-course meal + dessert? Whatever. I am so full now. 10 people at the table but only 7 effectively eating. 3 are under 5 years old so they can't each much. Cause for celebration: my kid brother is going to be 32 in a couple of days' time. We won't see him on the date of his actual birthday so, "Happy Birthday" in advance! And if he is going to be 32, I am going to be ancient. Maybe that's why I can't remember... er, what were we talking about...?

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