Monday, June 14, 2004

Just a note to mark the mid point of our summer vacation. Piles of work left to complete (hey, it's a working vacvation) but I can proudly say I have completed 112 of 111 campaign races in NFS:U and can consider myself as having finished the game. My pearlescent green Miata made me sick to look at it so I changed it for a Nissan Skyline GTR but I finished the game switching back to my trusty Miata but this time in pearlescent yellow which looked a bit better. Over the weekend I picked up Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, an adventure game published quite a while ago although I hadn't paid it much attention at the time. The story revolves around conspiracy theories involving the Knights Templar and a smattering of mythologies from different ancient cultures. Puzzles are quite easy to solve, so the game wasn't much of a challenge. I've already finished it, though I might have done so earlier if not for the game crashing once and me forgetting to save a major chunk of my progress and having to backtrack quite a way to return to where I was before the crash. Mental note: please Save often. Thank you.

OK, enough fun. Maybe it's time to look at your in-tray and appreciate the growing stack of real-life to-do things -- stuff you are paid to do, eh? Groan.

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