Sunday, June 13, 2004

Mom's gone off to, get this, Alaska and she's extended the usual tour package so she can spend more time in Vancouver to meet up with our relatives there. Mom, the social butterfly, while Dad stays home all alone, just the way he likes it! I think I take after my Dad. I don't like meeting new people, related or otherwise. I've always found people stressful to be with. That is, I don't purposely go out of my way to say "hi" to just anybody. It's like, after the initial greeting, what then, you know? Nah, I'm not good with people at all. Give me a task to work on with someone, ok, our conversation has a purpose and a meaning. On a social level with no immediate goal to achieve, "???..." It does get uncomfortable.

Samurai Jack says, "... most people talk too much without actually saying anything." I've got nothing against small talk, it's just not my kind of thing.

Sorry. Getting sidetracked. I just wanted to say that the family continued our Sunday dinner even though it was a last minute arrangement. Dad didn't have enough food for all of us at such short notice so we had a pot-luck instead. We celebrated Father's Day a week early as my sister will be out of town next weekend to visit Bath, England. Man, I'm stuck in Singapore all through this hol. Maybe I'm more like my dad than I dare think!

Tried to fix my bro's PC while he wasn't home, but it looks like it's beyond repair. I feel a little responsible because it previously belonged to me and I let him buy it over cheap when I got it upgraded last year. His keyboard registers though the keys don't function and when it shuts down Win ME, the OS shuts down but the hardware doesn't. The reset button doesn't function either. He's going to need a new PC but I'm not about to let him inherit Watson (my current PC) just yet. An upgrade is in the works, true, but again, not so soon. As I mentioned before, there's no pressing need to upgrade yet. But if he gets himself a new PC, who's going to inherit Watson when his upgrade is due? What a dilemma.

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