Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Another oddly disjointed entry by yours truly. Crazy week.
It's a bad day when I have breakfast at 3 in the afternoon. And what I ate was a cup of Korean instant noodles that has been mouldering away in my cupboard since I visited Korea 2 years ago. No worries, though. The expiry date said it was still good until August. That's cutting things a bit close. Glad I remembered I still had it. Saved for a special occasion, eh?

Sadly, I've been so busy that I've had no time to shop for my RHD outfit. Like I said earlier, this week is one of the mad ones. A2's taking quite some trouble over dressing for the occasion tomorrow and I don't want to let them down so I'll just have to improvise somehow. Must also remember to bring my dica (Korean slang for "digital camera"). Time to update our old CT photo album!

Ds. June Tan in one of her sermons mentioned a curious fact of wildlife. When a mother eagle senses that her chicks are ready for flying lessons, she applies the most practical of pedagogies: she picks up each chick (actually mom eagle doesn't have many chicks, maybe one or two at most) and physically flings them from the nest. As they fall (they live high up on the cliffs, so there's still some time before they hit ground zero) they instinctively flap their wings and before they know it, they are soaring off into the wild, blue yonder, ready to take care of themselves, leaving the safe but dull old nest behind.

Flinging time is here. Flap hard. Flap and soar.

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