Sunday, July 18, 2004

Blaah! I hate it when I develop symptoms but not the disease. I've been sneezing and leaking from the nose all weekend, with the occasional hack, but I still feel healthy. Well, healthy enough not to warrant an MC anyway. BTW, I wonder if anyone else experiences this but sometimes when I cough suddenly, it feels like I've compressed part of my brain against the inside of my skull and for an instant I get a blinding headache as a reward. The only way to prevent this unpleasant sensation is to have advance warning that the cough is coming, then press down on your skull hard with both hands so that when the cough comes the pressure on both the outside and inside of your skull equalizes and your brain is prepared and left unperturbed. I have a theory that fever develops in most cases of the flu not because of flu viruses but because of bruised brains. Just a theory.
The papers finally got round to printing this year's winning Commonwealth Essay Competition entry. Maybe we'll look at it in class tomorrow? Here's the link, but again it won't last long. The story is packed full of dualities: ancient-modern, young-old, faith-cynicism, empowerment-disenfranchisement, male-female, East-West, hi-tech-lo-tech, lasting values- temporary materialism, you get the picture. I guess it's not bad for a "2-hour rush job," eh? It's still a bit rough, but not bad.
Got to lecture this week, and fuss over the Racial Harmony Day event at the same time. Still, the excitement everyone's generating over getting their costumes together by Wednesday is quite a fun ride. Even the staff can be heard conspiring over who's going to wear what or who's going to borrow what from whom. Now I'm under pressure to find something suitable to wear too. What fun! It's like Halloween's come early this year! This week is already promising to be hectic. Just bring it!

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