Thursday, July 22, 2004

Caught Will Smith in I, Robot. Pretty ok movie though nothing to rave about. Questions of trust abound as allegiances and suspicions flow quite fluidly between persons and robots. It all starts with a suicide under suspicious circumstances and a trail of clues that follow lead to... well, let's just say that it's bigger than just a question of who killed whom.

Can we say we are truly free as long as we live under the law? When does programming become sentience? When does law become trust? And when trust becomes the guiding principle, is there any further need for the law? Perhaps that's it, then. Where there is no trust, we have the rule of law. Only when there is trust, we can abolish the law and then we can be truly free.

A little disturbing, the depiction of the storage of obsolete robots. In that scene, we could ask if we can equate programming with nobility (i.e., the act of being noble, I'm not talking about royalty).  If it is just a reaction to the program, does self-sacrifice count?

So many questions. But questions are at the heart of the story. Each clue deliberately leading to another question rather than providing an answer. Makes perfect sense to me. I've always maintained that whenever faced with a problem, all we need to do is ask the right question and the solution presents itself.  Takes a sharp mind, though, to ask the right question.

Quite a philosophical movie then, a bit understated a vehicle for Smith, but it shows he's maturing. Whatever. I'd watch a Will Smith movie any day.


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