Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Don't mind me. I'm just celebrating the end of my marking of the MYE compre scripts! YES! I DA MAN! My brains are scrambled, I've depleted 2-and-a-half brand new red ink pens, I've spilled blood all over numerous scripts, and my pets are getting bald with all the pet therapy they've been providing me with. Hey, even if you have just one pet, you can cope with a lot of stress. Unless it's a goldfish. Petting living, breathing, warm fuzz (no, I wasn't talking about that -- behave yourself!) makes all your troubles disappear, possibly faster than alcohol does. Sorry, asthmatics, you'll just have to settle for a stiff crotch, 'scuse me, I mean scotch. Or a really big inhale of your inhaler. Or something. Wha? Oh, nothing, I'm just delirious, 'sall... 'gnite!

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