Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mom has returned from Alaska and Vancouver after a whole month. She didn't say much about Alaska but then again, too many people were asking her about different things so it was hard for her to gather her thoughts for a completely coherent account of her adventures. From what I could hear, she went berry-picking a couple of times, ate a lot on the cruise ship, and caught up on old times with our relatives living there.

Her last activity before boarding the flight home was to pick a few pounds worth of blueberries for us from a berry farm. We had blueberries for dessert tonight. I think blueberries are better served as a jam or a sundae topping. They don't leave much of an impression fresh. It was a different story with the peaches. Beautiful, firm, round peaches, juicy and sweet to bite into. Mom gave one to us to take home but I knew it would never leave the dining table alive. I know what fresh fruit smell like and this peach smelled fresh. Off-the-tree fresh. All it took was a quick rinse and between June and me we tore into it like rabid piranha. It disappeared so quickly that Mom never saw it go. She was still looking for our peach as we were going home 'cos she thought we had forgotten it and had left it behind.

Coincidentally, today is also our niece, Brenda's birthday. My sister's second kid. June bought for her a pretty denim summer dress from Guess Kids. It had some floral embroidery on the bodice and once Brenda grows a little bigger, she should look real nice in it.

My sister has herself got back from Bath so Mom and Sis swapped travel stories. My brother's PC has degenerated beyond repair and has now been rendered into its component pieces. My brother is, likewise, in pieces over it. When he saves enough cash, he'll have to go shopping for new parts; but meantime, he'll have to settle for buying time at cybercafes for his 'net fix.

Me, I wanted to go mall pounding, being bored at home and slightly claustrophobic. But it poured in the afternoon and I couldn't go anywhere. Oh well.

Oh, it's a bit weird to laugh about this but I found this link in Ali's blog.

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