Thursday, July 22, 2004

Must take a quick moment to be oh, so proud of A2's mid-year overall results. You've topped the Arts fac with the most number of passes in your subjects, and Farisa's made the Arts Honour Roll, so indulge me while I *beams*.

OK, high over. I hope A2 is able to get some encouragement from the results and push on harder to do themselves even mo' betta. The results were just quantitative, not qualitative; and you guys know that there's still ground to cover before you're really ready to face your final test.

Your success is no reflection on me, but rather on yourselves and your own efforts. There are still a few more assignments left before the end, so let's go all out to make one success feed subsequent successes. You should now be wary of overconfidence, but some confidence in yourselves is good for you too. Pack your bags with all the confidence you can carry and no more. Right. Move out!

Oh, and congrats to Sanjeeda (Drama Club) too for topping the Arts Honour Roll, if you ever find this entry.

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