Saturday, July 10, 2004

Rooftop BBQ with NYeDC Posted by Hello

The rest of the crew -- havin' a great time! Posted by Hello

Thanks guys for a long-overdue get-together. And thanks to Yee for offering this most unusual location for our BBQ. A large gutted house, a makeshift rooftop bbq area, a georgeous unobstructed view of South and West Singapore, a skyful of stars and a bunch of excitable kids telling spooky stories by candlelight all add up to an entertaining Saturday evening.

It is heartening to see our juniors and seniors mixing so well together without inhibition. The juniors are an animated lot and it will be interesting to see what we can do with them by next year's Drama Night. I think including some of them in our SYF production was a great idea: everybody working on the same task rather than subcontracting separate tasks to separate groups.

Thanks 'sif for getting everything organized. It was supposed to be a party where everyone gets to hang out and have fun, but I acknowledge that for the organizers it's work as well making sure everyone has a good time. From communication, to administration, to logistics, thank you for so ably putting it all together and in such a short time too.

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