Friday, July 02, 2004

Still plodding along with scripts which come and keep on coming in a never ending stream. The deadline looms and I'm still so slow....

A quick note then about the mini staff 'revolt' I mentioned some time ago. Situation was that someone had observed that the driveway leading up to the roundabout in front of the Drum's main entrance took an awkward left turn for those driving onto campus. If either the driver or students crossing the road there were not careful, there could be a nasty accident. Not willing to take any chances, that someone (don't ask who, I don't know either) suggested that instead of turning left and circling the roundabout clockwise as usual, we should drive anti-clockwise around the roundabout, thus avoiding the awkward left turn. The wheels were set in motion immediately (who says the College doesn't move fast?) and we got arrows painted onto the road indicating the anti-clockwise direction for motorists to drive around the roundabout. Getting dizzy yet?

Problem was, most people ignored the arrows because the anti-clockwise direction contravened the general "keep left" rule of the road, while some obedient folks disobeyed road safety rules and complied with the controversial markings. Cars started to meet head-on in the crowded space in front of the Drum and thus a bigger problem started emerging.

To solve this mess, the decree was passed down from on high that henceforth, we would follow the arrows as laid down and paid for by the College fund. Thus began the revolt. The basic premise of the staff was that traffic laws must not be violated because even if staff complied there was no guarantee that non-staff driving into the College would likewise comply because they would not know to apply this esoteric rule and would naturally follow instinct and take the clockwise path instead. Moreover, by taking the anti-clockwise path, at the point that drivers switch from the usual "keep left" rule to "keep right" instead, cars would meet head-on again once they have negotiated the roundabout and had to switch back to normal "keep left" again.

If by now you have no idea what's going on, let's just simplify things by saying that the staff revolt was aimed precisely at avoiding this confusion for ourselves, parents, suppliers and guests, and of course our students. We felt that the awkward left turn was a small price to pay to keep this pandemonium from ever being created.

Today, during our 2-and-a-half hour long staff meeting at which this issue was an item on the agenda, the uppers confirmed that the issue has been resolved and the case is closed. The decision was ultimately based on a formal letter from the LTA which stated in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances are existing traffic laws to be violated. So that's that. The arrows have been washed off and we get to keep our safer, more sensible option, the awkward left turn. I hope everyone's happy now.

Students, do us a favour now: try your very best not to get KO'ed by a car anywhere near the roundabout area, please.

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