Monday, July 19, 2004

Taking a short break from preparing my portion of this week's lecture material. It's now the eleventh hour and I'm still hard at work. Gaah! *Panics*
Something I've been a bit embarrassed about that I will reveal now: Remember the entry made a few weeks ago about the Toilet Uncle being replaced by another sanitation officer? Toilet Uncle is still here, no sign of him being replaced yet. His social skills haven't improved, and he looks like he's going to remain here for the long haul, despite everything he said earlier. Happy for him that he still has a job, but I swear, that man lives in an alternate reality!
Also, Cat Auntie has been a feature over the last couple of days. She is in some financial difficulty now, on account of her age and medical condition and the fact that her three kids don't seem to be helping to support her even now that she's unable to maintain a proper job. Everyone has recently found grounds to reduce their financial contribution to her upkeep and it looks like she's in dire straits. It's sad that someone who has a heart for even the strays in the neighbourhood hasn't got kin who have much of a heart for her.
It's ironic that the prize winning Commonwealth Essay that we looked at in class was also written along these lines. Neglecting our elderly is becoming a national pastime. No wonder we're a bit cynical about having our own kids. It seems we are more financially independent if we save up for our old age rather than fritter our wages away on our own self-created parasites which we call our children. The ROI just doesn't seem worth it anymore. Whine, whine.
Sorry. This invective isn't directed at my young audience, whom I know aren't this irresponsible. I just feel bad for Cat Auntie and I hope things will get better for her soon, though I don't know how that might be possible. Bummer.

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