Saturday, July 24, 2004

Tired. Still having trouble sleeping at night. Then woke up seriously late today: 7am! Missed assembly, a first for me this year. Still feeling like I'm on the brink of a Great Big Flu outbreak but it's just tantalizingly out of reach. It's not like I'm looking forward to it, but I just want to get it over with. Spend a couple of days in bed, douse myself with medication and I'll be fine again. With my luck, it'll hit during the National Day weekend when I really won't need it. Not with the promise of Doom 3, and my cousin's most novel beach wedding party to attend. Please, no!

Attended the SYF Drama Finals with 'sif, or should I say we both got a ticket each? 'sif, as Pres, deserved to go while I needed to see for myself what kind of a standard a Gold award play reached. Won't do too much of an evaluation here until after I've compared notes with 'sif over what we both saw. One common element that I noticed was that Gold standard plays run heavily with emotion and melodrama. People scream at each other and there's quite a bit of crying. Strong central characters are also a must, even if supporting cast are only so-so.

Left Chinese High early, before the results were announced. Too tired to last till then. Besides, I had a chance of beating the crowd at the bus-stop. I knew the performers' supporters would stay to the end. My strategy didn't pay off, however. The northbound bus from town was already full of passengers and it was a long ride home standing in the bus. At the Upper Bukit Timah area, my stomach reminded me to have dinner so I alighted prematurely at the most well-lit settlement to look for food. There happened to be a Killeney Road Kopi Tiam in the midst of a number of seafood restaurants lining the road. I stopped to order a Hokkien mee and a Coke. Under the circumstances, I just wanted to eat something and balek kampong ASAP. Sated, the lazy bum hailed a cab and rode home in comfort.

'sif messaged me the results: Play of the year by ACJC, Actress from MI, Actor from VJC. No arguments from me. Looks quite fair. Congrats to them all!

Have to psyche myself up to meet the parents tomorrow. Parents are supposed to be our partners in bringing up "our" kids, but when did this notion come into the picture? I don't remember having my parents roped in to keep me in check after 'O' levels. The assumption then was that having attained secondary school education, we were qualified to work to support ourselves and our parents no longer needed to monitor us so closely any longer. Nevertheless, it's probably going to be interesting for me to get to know my class through their closest sources. I wonder what embarrassing stories I will hear tomorrow *rubs hands in glee*.

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