Saturday, July 03, 2004

You must be up to your eyeballs listening to me complaining that I am up to my eyeballs but, oh yeah, I still am. Went to college to mark today and I realized that I could have brought Q-tip with me so I can have an occasional pet therapy session every 4-5 scripts. I think she'd love the outing, I know I need the destressing. Maybe I'll do that Monday morning (if I can still wake up from Portugal vs Greece, heh heh!). I'm making full use of my coffee mug now, but must always remember that it's almost twice the size of normal coffee mugs so 3-in-one coffee must never be drowned in more that half a mug full of water, else bleeah!

Not many staff on campus today but Boon Sin was pretty hyper about taking some of the year 1s to the National Stadium for the Youth Festival thingy. It was tough eavesdropping on her conversation with Agnes about caps, sunshades and other solar protection when I'm stuck indoors and will most likely continue to be all through next week as well. Gripe, gripe, gripe. Don't know what I did to deserve it, seeing as I've been a bit grouchy recently, but Boon Sin kindly packed for me a mini curry puff, a samosa and a potato ball that had been left over from some function earlier this morning, for my lunch. Was quite touched at this unexpected kindness. Sweet kid, that.

June took advantage of the absence of that pest of her husband this morning to spruce up the house, including clearing out the fridge that probably contained stuff that expired in '02 or earlier. Correspondence that might have had some relevance a year or so ago dumped. Dog bathed. Floor mopped and vacuumed. 2 cycles of laundry completed. By the time I got back, she was wiped out. Poor thing. I think she deserves some appreciation. Any suggestions?

Heard strange industrial noises coming from the kitchen and went to investigate. Looks like June's got her second wind. It was the blender that was making all that noise. June's working on baking a Milo-banana cake using a recipe taken from Australian Women's Weekly (print version). I came out just in time to help her stir the flour into the butter-egg mixture which she had just blended. Now she'll work out the lumps left by my deft blending hand. Wonder where she gets the energy? Love the girl!

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