Monday, August 09, 2004

OMG! I'm back on-line at last! Where have I been for the past day? Lots of fear and trembling, lots of cussing and swearing, lots of mental anguish and several attempts at violent acts beyond all reasoning. If you think all this has something to do with Doom 3, you are mostly right. Trouble is, I haven't got past the Doom 3 installation screen yet!

I want to scream and cry and string the longest chain of multi-lingual swear words together for the uncensored Guiness Book of World Records, but I still haven't got the bloody game running. In the process, I did some desperate things like uninstall my Norton Virus-scan, Norton Internet Security, and did a reinstall of my Win XP, thus effectively wiping out my ADSL connection to the 'net and I've only just managed to regain my connection again after lots of trial and error. My document and picture files remain undamaged, as far as I know, and now that I can surf again I am just relieved of this small mercy. I have a bone to pick with the dealer of my wayward PC game, but let me just install all the other programs that I know are still working first.

Odd thing is, the installation disks worked perfectly on the dealer's PC when I brought it in to exchange yesterday. His PC is in worse shape than mine, but no problems with installation. They just refuse to work on my PC. Pah! Why should I be so special?

Alternated today between taking the dogs out, to inducing hypertension trying to get Watson running again, to attending my cousin's wedding lunch and dinner which happened to be quite fun and helped take my mind off Watson for a bit. Maybe I'll u/l some photos later, when I'm not so tired. Perhaps more tomorrow, and BTW, Happy National Day!

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