Thursday, August 12, 2004

There. Finally deleted a .exe file infected with the spybot.worm. Persistent little irritant just would not leave and always popped up again after I thought I had got rid of it. This time I edited my Windows registry manually, then started Windows in "safe" mode so the .exe file would not be loaded into Watson's memory thus eradicating the "no-write" access it usually has. I hope I'm completely virus-free now, but let's see, shall we?

Totally physically worn out, having had a male bonding session with the guys in a kickabout in the basketball court during CT period. Gals were off learning to groom themselves properly (ha ha). It'll be the guys' turn next week, so I wonder what I'm going to do with a bunch of gals during CT next? Suggestions?

Discovered that I am really getting old. Can't run for long, wheezing and panting away, quite unable to turn with the ball and beat opponents like I used to do oh, 15 years ago? Weak joints don't support this kind of body weight and I ended up on the floor a couple of times too. Still, we played in the midday sun, under which only "mad dogs and Englishmen" would dare venture outdoors. *consoles self

Rehearsal went quite well today, I thought. We seem to be getting the steps sequenced together and the routine doesn't look like so horrifyingly difficult any longer. Now, if we could just get a bit more confidence, sharpness and slickness, and a whole lot more 'tude, I think we got a show. Couple of rehearsals more should do it!

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