Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Wandered a little further in the dark, hunting monsters, trying to stay alive, ammo constantly running worryingly low. Monsters teleport in, sometimes from behind, and sometimes they swarm. Hmmm... whatever happened to the rule that different monsters will fight each other first? They must all have had a change of attitude after Racial Harmony Day. Now they all just want to beat the snot out of me, and they seem to be cooperating too.

Lots of wild waving of the ol' weapon around, keeping track of multiple hostiles, trying to prioritize each one before they get too close and getting frustrated during reloading sequences, being ass-kicked while getting the next clip in and ready to fire.

Don't know which I like better, the chaingun or the plasma gun. If I was the aesthetic type, I'd go with the latter 'cos the plasma discharge is pretty, and also hard to miss. I think somewhere along the way, I missed out on getting the BFG. Must have left it in an area I forgot to explore. Hope I can pick up another one soon, or else I'm really going to regret it. Oh, I do like those little sentry bots, walking machine-gun turrets that shoot monsters while I hang back and bring up the rear. Not too many of them around, though.

Yes, my social life has taken a turn for the worse again...

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