Monday, September 06, 2004

Today's the kind of day you smash your hand down on the snooze button of your alarm clock and continue sleeping. You wake up disoriented, suddenly remembering it's Monday morning and your wife has left for work before you. Then you remember that it's the first day of the term break and snuggle back into bed enveloped in the best feeling in the world.

Not for long, though. I still had to get on campus by 11 for a Drama Club meeting. Just before I left, I had the urge to smoothen out the living room carpet which had somehow got scrunched up in one corner. I was about to beat it back into place when the messy corner miaowed. Momo had found a new hiding spot to nap in. Stupid cat.

Drama Club looked like it had everything in order, but during the discussion, Mel and I took a sudden interest in Chinese mythology. I went off to Popular at Northpoint and picked up some research material for further study. Perhaps it's the fault of the authors, but the myths I scanned through were dry, boring and episodic. Formula looks quite simple: something happens (usually on a fairly regular basis); someone does something about it; there is some kind of result; and that is why some custom or other is celebrated to this day. Fine, most myths follow the same pattern, but there is usually more drama to the telling of the story than what I've been reading. Hope the other books I bought aren't going to be as bland.

Met June for dinner at the Crystal Jade la mian place at Northpoint. The noodles and soups taste fresh and healthy, though a bit expensive. Still, the noodles, are hand-pulled on site so I guess we are paying for the extra effort, though I can't afford this luxury every mealtime.

Also did a bit of grocery shopping for tomorrow's pot luck lunch at Joanna's house. Bought russet potatoes, celery, spring onions and Kraft mayo; so guess what my contribution is going to be?

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