Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another evening of scaring kids with bad acting. Tonight's group of night walkers seemed even more serious and task oriented than Sunday night's. We started the night walk earlier, but we still ended about the same time. Things went quite quickly at my station, but perhaps I crippled too many heavy people so groups had to struggle to get to "Rivendell" for "healing" and had to take many rest stops along the way. They were slow. But good news was that there was no rain though the sky did threaten a little in the early evening. No rain means no mud and my boots were spared.

On the way out of camp, we had to stop the car to allow a large python to cross the driveway before we proceeded towards supper. The driveway is looooong and the python was quite a distance from our campsite but JY called camp to alert them on this latest sighting of local fauna anyway. From what I could see, since Amy's headlights were not shining directly on it, the snake's body extended to about half the width of the driveway and the head had already passed into the bushes on the left and couldn't be seen. Kinda' makes me wonder who else was with me while I was hiding behind my tree at my station during the night walk. Brr...

Supper was at Punggol Nasi Lemak near Hougang. It was already about midnight when we arrived. For $5 I got 2 chicken wings (one was for Vince), a fried egg (over-easy), a generous piece of otah, and a sprinkling of kacang/ikan bilis. Apart from the spoonful of nasi I accidentally dropped on my crotch, the meal was quite enjoyable. The food was tasty, and it was an alternative to 24hr prata. 2 nights in a row? No thanks.

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