Saturday, November 27, 2004

Looks like I was closer to the end of HL2 than I thought. A couple more brief firefights, a series of jumping puzzles and one final destroy-everything-in-sight mission and its all over, until Part 3 comes along, that is. Everything comes to an abrupt halt and a promise is delivered for the next installment. And Lamarr makes a final appearance at the end of the credit roll. Perhaps Easy mode is too easy, but I finished the story and for me that's what counts. Now to restart on a higher difficulty level for a tougher challenge.

Went shopping for prom outfit, or at least have a look at what's trendy these days. Shirts are looking more colourful and the materials are softer and more textured than the rough 'n ready cotton/synthetic I'm used to. It seems the cross-shoulder bag is also very common as most of the shop-window dummies sport this particular accessory. I'm at a loss as to what to wear. I don't want to wear the same old boring thing, yet getting clothes that might require a further makeover to carry off credibly isn't a viable option either. Time to source for options. So far the guys have kept mum on their prom outfits, so don't be shy any longer. Advise please.

Caught Furthest North Deepest South this evening. A different take on the travels of Admiral Cheng Ho and the problems he might have had with his credibility as a military leader, being only a eunuch to an upstart emperor. The enormous expedition Cheng Ho is said to have led must have drained China of much of its resources and the treasures he brought back simply could not compensate for the staggering financial loss incurred.

The production fused mime movement with puppetry and spoken dialogue. With the creative use of life-sized puppets, 3 performers multiplied themselves into 7 characters that worked together as a chorus of Mandarins (scholar advisors to the Emperor). The use of wheeled benches of different heights and a couple of models of masts with sails could be configured to look like a flotilla of ships, 1 large ship, and a bunch of ships being tossed around and lost in a stormy sea.

Faz, our Drama Club president, was in the cast as an apprentice mime and puppeteer and Artistic Director, Tina, said some very good things about his involvement in the production. YT also commented that he was a good find and that it was good to have him on board. This is encouraging, and this could mean that the other club members will also get opportunities to join in other productions, getting in on the ground floor in the realm of stagecraft and theatre. Look forward to it!

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