Saturday, November 27, 2004

This entry is a couple of hours late, but congratulations to the Seniors '04, you are now officially Alumnii '05. I can only imagine the elation and the euphoria you must be feeling. 2 years have gone already, so enjoy the transitional limbo you are in. No worries, no responsibilities for the immediate future, no one to nag you to go study, or do homework, not even your conscience since there is none to be done anyway. People use this period to go "find themselves." It really is best to get to know yourselves better before you settle into Uni life or a career or NS because real life begins here. Good fortune, Alumnii '05! Come back and see us sometime!

Spent the morning playing HL2 (yes, I'm still far from finishing the game), celebrating Mary's birthday at Kuishin-bo then watching The Polar Express at Eng Wah Suntec City. More on all this later 'cos I'm too tired to continue writing...

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