Friday, December 31, 2004

Day 2 of the workplan seminar. More of the same stuff, this time more focused on incorporating the different aspects of yesterday's discussion specific to subjects taught by the individual departments. Most useful demos were strategies to get group members to work together and stay focused and on task. The idea is simple, yet effective: group work needs to be exhibited (regardless of quality) as it requires audience feedback in order to improve. Preferably an audience of peers whose feedback rates more credibly than that of the teacher's.

Discussion broke up into department level then further broken by year. Term 1 for the year 1s in 2005 could be quite fun. The focus will be on developing oral and collaborative skills in our students, so the assessment for the term will be group based and oral in nature though the presentation style may vary according to the preferences of the groups. I wanted to train my tutorial groups in the ancient art of storytelling, so I'm encouraged that both my agenda and that of the department coincide. The term will be pretty short so better watch my time carefully.

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