Saturday, December 25, 2004

Fell asleep blogging last night and sat at my desk while dreams of sugarplum faries danced round my head. Jerked awake at 0330 and crawled off to shower and into bed just after 0400. No wonder we woke up so late this morning.

If we were kids, we'd be up by 0600 unwrapping presents; but now that we're older the impatience to count the loot no longer factors into the excitement of Christmas. We're old enough to know that our pressies will still be there whenever we choose to open them, and that noone else is likely to snatch them from us if we're not looking. The rush to open our gifts gives way to the fatigue of carousing all night, so we can afford to wait.

June hid my gift under the comforter by my pillow. I've learned to be careful around times when presents are likely to be given as I nearly got a concussion the first time she tried something like this. I vaguely remember that she hid a hardcover tome INside my pillowcase... much to my surprise at bedtime. It wasn't quite the bonk I was looking forward to. This Christmas she got me a gift voucher from Borders and a box of really nice chocolates. Thanks, June!

I got her a pair of leather-bound sandals in the design that she likes, though she was under the impression that they don't make 'em in her size. I happened to find a pair that fit her, so that was Plan B, as it turned out. The box they came in was a bit bulky so I had to hide her pressie under the bed. I told her Q-tip had crapped under the bed to trick her into looking there to find her gift.

Mary must have heard that we did not receive any invitations to go anywhere for dinner or whatever during Christmas last year (for some reason, everyone we knew had something else to do instead of observing the Yuletide season). She invited us to her family dinner tonight. More good food, pleasant conversation particularly with her Mom who loved to talk about growing up in Penang and how her Singaporean pen-pal became Mary's gramps.

Dinner with the maternal side of my family tomorrow night. I am going to be one stuffed turkey when term reopens next week. But hey, it's only once a year so bring it on!

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