Friday, December 24, 2004

Mission failed. I had the perfect idea for the perfect Christmas gift (well, 'perfect' is a matter of opinion) but when I got to the store, there was no stock. New stock will arrive in 2 weeks, guaranteed. Right. Damn. What lousy timing. Time to execute Plan B then. Umm... what was Plan B again?

Had in-laws over for dinner. Mom-in-law brought her annual fruitcake gift for me to deliver to my mom when I see her tomorrow. Mom-in-law's fruitcake is a hot favourite 'cos densely packed as it is with fruit and nuts, it's still light enough to down in quantity. Mom's gift is particularly special because of the additional layer of frosting and the Christmassy figurines that turn a mundane-looking fruitcake into a diorama of a winter wonderland.

Going over to my Aunt's place for Christmas dinner tomorrow evening. I probably won't be back in time, so here's an early "Merry Christmas" to one and all!!! Have a great one, folks!

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