Thursday, December 02, 2004

So, we've got our first Idol in the 'fik. Between the 2, he is the better choice to represent us on the world stage whereas Sly still needs a lot more polishing before he can match up. Strangely enough, I had always thought it would be an all girl final, seeing as talent-wise the girls seemed to have more presence and musical ability than the boys. Guess they just couldn't pull in the votes.

I have to compare the Idol series with the 'Talentimes' of years ago. With Idol, there is a marked difference from the time of the contestants first raw debut to the time the winner gets chosen. There is an effort to mould the contestants' image, up their entertainment value, build their fan base and develop their sense of professionalism in the business. Not bad for 6 months' work for them who used to be ordinary Joes n' Janes.

The Talentimes of old didn't bother with grooming the talents to this level. What you saw on their first appearance was usually what you got at the finals. Winning depended on the judges' final decisions, and thus there were fewer surprises and less drama in these old formats.

The Idol concept is certainly a lot more entertaining, particularly since there is greater emphasis on the relationships that develop amongst the contestants. Here there is the possibility of fleshing out the contestants' backstories, their comradeship (no bitter squabbles featured in this season's Idol, but perhaps next season?) and the idea that it's a friendly rivalry -- only one will win, but everyone must pull together and work together in order for everyone to have their chance of being the last man (or woman) standing.

Central controlling figures, the judges, only have the power to be critical but the power of selection is in the hands of the people. Likewise, the responsibility of choosing well is also the peoples'.

Funny how a TV programme can reflect our current political situation, and quite possibly the direction education is going to go from now on. Greater emphasis on individual responsibility, less decision-making by a central authority. I don't know how well this is going to work out in practice, but in theory it sounds good. Everything now depends on how wisely we choose from ever growing options, and how we act upon our choices.

Right. Enough rambling for one night. Go to bed, old-timer!

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