Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Vacation time is practically over. Now is the hangover from Christmas and from running around in a foreign country. The Quake is a horribly sobering reality to wake up to. The work cycle is beginning again in just a few days. I should look forward to starting work again: life gets exciting with the chaos of campus and the camaraderie of colleagues but it's overcoming the inertia that's settled in, the slow creaking of rusty joints and lazy bones that makes waking up in the morning so difficult. We sleep late to make the day last longer, and we curse the morning that's half wasted 'cos we woke up at 10 or 11. No wonder I'm feeling blaah again.

Must get active. Must move around again. Side note: all that walking around in Oz seems to have done me good; my joints don't hurt as much any more climbing stairs! Must exercise! Hey, these imperatives are staring to look like new year resolutions.

Back to work starting tomorrow with our 2-day work plan seminar where they tell us what's going on the coming year and what our responsibilities are going to be. I can't wait. Yay.

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