Monday, December 13, 2004

What a great day! Caught the early X bus to Movie World without even stopping for breakfast. The chicken salad sandwich I split with June from the Mobil On-the-Run outlet doesn't count. Arrived almost 45 minutes before opening but they started selling tix at 0930 and letting people stream in anyway. Was greeted at the door by Mad Mike, more on him later.

Again, we went straight for the big thrill. Lethal Weapon is a suspended steel monster boasting 5 loops, big and small. A few hair-raising moments; it was a breathless ride, though I think we're getting a little spoiled. The rush isn't quite there anymore.

We made it just in time to the opening of the venue for the Police Academy stunt show where Mad Mike ushered us (i.e., everyone) to their seats. Watch out for him though, he's a trickster and it's his job to catch people off guard and embarrass them in full view of the public. With his arsenal of whistle, tickler, banana, water-pistol and a box labelled "Insanity Dept." he is a load of laughs at the expense of his victims : )

The show itself is action packed with skidding vehicles, pratfalls and explosions. I'm not sure what the "volunteers" from the audience actually did, but I guess it was a way to make us identify with the things happening in the arena >nudge< >wink<. The final explosion at the top of the PA building threw an awesome wave of heat in our direction. No foolin' about, the stunts are dangerous -- don't try them at home.

The Scooby Doo Haunted Castle was an easily underestimated ride by the both of us. It looks like just another haunted house on rails, and it began that way too. 4 in a car, being 'scared' by some cheesy animatronic spooks. The cars then enter an elevator 2 at a time, then with a scream-inducing surprise, the cars then start pulling some serious G's for an indoor coaster ride. What a thrill this ride was. Again!!! But later.

Too many people stood along Main Street blocking each other as they tried to watch the Matrix action show. Luckily, I just happened to be standing right where the action was and caught a reasonably well-choreographed kung-fu fight sequence between Neo, Trinity and some Agents. They're no Shaolin exponents but they danced through their moves safely. Light entertainment.

We went to watch the Loony Tunes break into their own version of Christmas Carols, then joined the line for Batman the Ride 2. This ride is a simulated ride, so expect a lot of jerks and bumps as you explore Gotham City in a modified 'Batwing' along with 19 other fellow passengers.

Lunch was a club sandwich and a Coke, then over to the wild west zone where the ride we wanted happened to be temporarily closed for 'technical reasons.' Likewise the Matrix official exhibition, so we returned to Scooby Doo again. And again. And again. Whee!

Last zone to visit was the Loony Tunes Village at which we rode the Roadrunner coaster. A kids' ride, but the speed was enjoyable.

Managed to get photos with Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the Police Academy team, and Austin Powers, but lost an opportunity with Santa because there were lots of kids around him, and kids get priority. Why was I brought up to be so polite?

All parks around here close at 1700, so by 1600 we made our way back to the bus stop to beat the crowd. We were lucky enough to catch the X bus again without waiting. Back downtown for dinner at the Koreana BBQ Restaurant. June's favourite hot-sour beancurd soup and a small beef bul go gi. Stuffed now, yesterday's fruit still waiting for us back in our hotel room.

We're off to Sydney tomorrow, bus coming to fetch us to the airport at 0550hrs. Guess that means an early night for us. G'nite!

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