Saturday, January 29, 2005

For once in many moons my study is clear of junk. I can see the floor again! I can put my feet on my desk and not worry that things will topple over! You didn't need to know that, I'm sure.

Spent the whole day bagging very old correspondence, periodicals and other non-print resources, taking the committment to systematically dump every item I hadn't needed to use in more than a year, apart from just a few items of particular sentimental value -- gifts from students, friends and wife.

I trashed old PC magzines and their accompanying CD-ROMs, and I've sorted out all the PC games I'm no longer playing and replaced the disks with their manuals in their proper boxes, and now, I wonder, if anyone out there might want to inherit some old PC games from me? Let's see what I have...

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Silent Hill 3
Metal Gear Solid 2 (PC DVD-ROM version)
NFS: Underground
Half-Life: Blue Shift (requires Half-Life to play)
Doom 3 (tough decision, but motion sickness prevents me from playing this ever again)

All these games have given me a lot of joy at one time or another, so they deserve to have good homes now while current systems can still run them. Yeah, I'm offering all these games for free on a first chope first served basis, so leave a comment if you see something you want. I've also got some obscure old, old games as well. Inquire if interested.

With June's help the floor is clean, the sofa-bed and the bean-bag are wearing fresh upholstery, and the old animal hair-ridden carpet has been replaced with a brand new one. My desk and Watson have been wiped down and my bookshelf tidied. For a day's work, I think we did good. Now my study is in a fit state to receive guests at Chinese New Year. Don't forget to bring your hongbao!

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