Sunday, January 09, 2005

What an unusual occurrence. A number of staff representing the different departments descended upon Escape Theme Park to try out some of the rides for ourselves. In an intermittent drizzle alternating with short periods of downpour, temperatures ranging from 29-29.9ÂșC, an assortment of our college's finest sampled the Flipper, Alpha-8 and the Pirate Ship before the rain got too heavy and the park closed the rides until better weather smiled on us again. Some staff assessed the rides as too intense for themselves to handle so they got the task of looking after our barang while we jumped on board.

The seasoned coaster nuts found each other pretty fast; we were usually the first in line and the first to compare the ride with others we'd tried elsewhere. Audrey (who turned out to be more gregarious and enthu than my initial impression of her) has tried the thrill rides in our immediate region, Anne has experience with the 6-flags chain, and me having thrilled to theme park rides in Canada, Korea and Oz found Escape mild in comparison though Flipper and Revolution came close to causing a rush for us during the occasional head-down free-falls. The Inverter, arguably Escape's most thrilling ride was closed today for "upgrading." How disappointing.

The second part of our recce was to go across the river into Pasir Ris Park. The intention was for us to trek the boardwalk through a small mangrove swamp and check out the sights, but too bad, the boardwalk was closed for repairs. Project completion projected for mid-'05. Too late to be useful to us.

What's all this Saturday gallivanting all about? It's a field-trip we are planning to bring the entire J1 cohort on next month. We're taking lessons outside the classroom while having some fun at the same time. The 1 thing we all learned today was: we'd better come up with a solid wet-weather plan or it'll be a washout, literally.

Officially, we ended our recce before lunch, but me, Anne, Audrey, Victor, SC and CY (not LCY) went back to Escape for a quick bite, then back to complete the rides we missed due to inclement weather earlier in the morning. Some quick bite... a bak kut teh for me, and thanks to Victor's itchy mouth, we stuffed ourselves further with ice cream for dessert.

Went immediately back to look for the Revolution (which is easy to underestimate the intensity of), the Wet 'n Wild (which got us all soaking wet except Audrey who wore her NDP poncho) and we lined up for the go-carts (which now seems to be covered by the price of the admission ticket, though it was a separate charge some time ago).

There are worse ways to spend one's Saturday off than hangin' out with fun-loving colleagues in a theme park.

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