Friday, February 04, 2005

Yay! Took the M3 for a short drive back from GFC to college. It has a nice, quiet engine that you can barely hear even on ignition. Everyone was in a hurry to get back because of this or that reason so I took it into the parking lot where we all scrambled out and scattered to do our own things.

Tina's officially signed on to direct Drama Night, but it's still nerve wracking that it's already February and our script's still in process. We had to push our annual event back to the first week of May -- now just 3 months away -- and there's still little progress even in casting for roles yet. Tina's, of course, anxious and though I may not look it I am terribly concerned. Can we make our deadline? We started the year with very high ambitions but reality is staring us in the face again. Too much inertia, something's got to be done, but what?

Last year when we had problems in production, Cara talked to me and I could advise her being that I was the experienced one between the both of us. She was overall responsible and I could be calm, objective and I could see from the big picture perspective because I didn't have to deal with everyday reality. This year, Cara's gone, I'm taking responsibility, my vision is clouded with too many minute details, and I don't have an experienced person to turn to for guidance. At least, not on a day-to-day basis. I feel like I'm running things on my own and that sucks.

I don't know why exactly, but it looks like this year we drama advisers don't even seem to have time to talk to each other. I need someone around with whom I can just live, breathe and talk about Drama Night to help me keep focus, so like it or not, whatever time is at hand I will have to seek out the company of Mel and Pete a lot more often regardless of our schedules. Likewise, they will have to make time to hang out with me too. No 'meetings,' just breakfast and lunch. Everyday. Until we're so easy enough with each other we're tossing insults back and forth across the table and, sometimes, ideas too. Like it was last year.

Hope it isn't too late.

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