Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Checked out the competition for the Ministry's bowling league based on last year's results. The opposition is TOUGH. Our team, as far as current practice goes, places us about mid-table -- IF we're bowling consistently well. Comparing individual scores, most opposing team members average 170 per game. Then there are outstanding individuals, both men and women who are scoring in the 200 range. Ouch. This contest is going to be no pushover. Hopefully our weekly training sessions will improve our game until we're scoring with the best by the end of the tourney, sometime in September. Wish us luck!

Edit 01:
There! Fixed my graphics problem with KOTOR 2. Just switch off the "Grass" option in the game setup. It may not be as pretty as watching the grass part as your party runs through it, but the graphics won't screw up now and the game is now playable in the open spaces on Dantooine, Dxun and Korriban. Hope nothing else will go wrong now.

Edit 02:
I was wrong about Dantooine. Sigh.

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