Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Production has ground to a standstill because of block test week. Drama Night opens in a month and a week's time and we can't work on it until the tests are over. So far we've roughly blocked out about 3 acts of 8 with one act and a conclusion yet to be written. Music is beautiful but coming in in dribs and drabs, so far nothing produced that our choreographer can work with as far as major dance numbers go. The set materials have already been delivered but they still have to be worked with to see how they actually fit into the overall design of the show. Costume shopping scheduled for tomorrow and early next week.

So some things are moving but only 5 weeks left to get our act together and make a show for the college. At this time I still really miss working with Cara. Emotionally, it was good to know that someone else was equally obsessed with the production making it priority number one regardless of other um... obligations. I know my production staff and crew are doing their best, and I appreciate the contributions they've been making and will continue to be making in the coming weeks, but I still feel alone, like I'm the only one looking at the show as a major highlight of the year, and it seems to me that the others see it as just another thing on their plate (which is actually true, but still...).

In 5 weeks the show isn't likely to be 'ready.' It'll be rough and in need of serious polishing but though I've asked there isn't going to be an extension. The show will go on as is, a work-in-progress at best. And somewhere in all this, I have to wonder whether someone else playing Producer instead of me would have done a better job controlling the production in terms of planning the schedule, setting and enforcing deadlines, scolding people when they needed to be scolded, encouraging people when they're down, and a whole bunch of other things that go on behind the scenes. Probably. I'm not blind to my own strengths and weaknesses.

The next 5 weeks are going to be hell not just for me but for everyone involved in the production. But then a good show is worth killing ourselves over in making it happen. I hope the Club, staff, students will agree with me on this and pull off a knockout production like we promised ourselves at the beginning of this season. The audience deserves our best and I truly hope we can deliver.

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