Monday, May 23, 2005

Just returned from a pet farm in Pasir Ris Farmway 2. The place is called "Pet Movers" and it had a write up in the June 2005 edition of Simply Her which June spotted.

What a fun place to bring our dogs, Q-tip and Mimi. There were other dog owners there to make use of the facilities: an enclosed dog run where dogs big and small gambolled around, the al fresco cafe where we had breakfast, and a dog paddling pool in which dogs swam while their owners waded after them.

The cafe's menu is very basic. We should have gone earlier 'cos their nasi lemak had sold out by the time we arrived. We had to settle for their fried bee hoon topped with a chicken wing and sliced green chilli. Stomach-filling stuff, little else. But we didn't go there for the food, anyway.

If we had known about the paddling pool earlier, we would have brought towels for our dogs. It's safer and friendlier for them to swim here than in the open sea with its unpredictable waves and currents. We saw a happy little Jack Russell playing 'fetch' with a tennis ball which his owner kept throwing into the water. If only Q-tip was as active.

Apart from the run, the place also has a large pet supply store with reasonably priced merchandise. There is a section where puppies for sale are on display together with a grooming facility. It's a bit smelly here but that's only because our urbanized noses are spoilt, unused to the natural scents of animal agriculture.

A great place for dogs and owners alike to socialize and shop. And a good way to get our 2 antisocial pets to meet and make other canine friends.

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