Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Belle is grouchy. Not violent, so maybe coming home did help her disposition somewhat. She still makes unhappy noises, but at least she allows us to pet her and massage her legs for her and carry her between bed and sand-box. She even let us bathe her without attempting to claw our eyes out. She growled and protested but that was it.

For brief periods, she actually tried to walk, supporting herself on a stiff back leg but, sadly, dragging the other behind like deadweight. But in her current condition, 3 legs are still better than 2. Small blessings.

The worrying thing about her is that she isn't eating or drinking. She's still too distressed and probably depressed as well to indulge in this, her favourite pastime. Dr Casey prescribed a Flower Essence rubbing oil, the fragrance of which is supposed to help calm her down and hopefully put her back in the mood for food again. Hasn't worked so far. Belle needs to eat and keep herself hydrated or she might develop complications.

We'll have to take her back to Dr Casey if things don't improve by tomorrow.

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