Saturday, June 11, 2005

Belle's condition seems to have stabilized. Most of the time she's just lying down in one position or another, then she'll get bored and go find some other place to lie down in. So more or less she's back to normal. Except that her hind right foot she's still dragging; and the fact that she's not eating like she used to any more. A few nibbles of her meal seems enough for her, though she's started to like drinking milk in the morning. It's almost like she knows Dr Casey will put her on a weight-loss programme as soon as she's walking properly and she's pre-empting the process. Smart girl. Meantime, her treatment still goes on: a syringe dose of meds followed by frequent leg massages throughout the day in the hope that she'll start feeling that right foot of hers again.

Other than that, there are still a few kinks to work out with FM broadcasting my i-Pod mini to the M2's radio. I need to find an FM band that's completely free of any traffic whatsoever. This is turning out to be harder than I expected. It's easy to avoid known local radio channels, but it still depends on which part of the island you travel to. A band that's clear in the north may pick up a broadcaster, say in Indonesia, when you travel east or south. North, you pick up transmissions from Malaysia. All this interference causes so much distortion that the music from the i-Pod becomes unlistenable. I'm sure there must be a frequency I can claim for myself somewhere out there; I just have to take time to find it. I wonder what frequency Amy's is tuned to?

And Anthony's invited us to his wedding in July. The venue is in KL, so he's promised to put us up for a night at the Ritz Carlton. That's something to look forward to! More on this thread as we get closer to his big day!

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