Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dr Casey called us into the clinic this morning. Belle had refused any sort of treatment and charged and swatted at anyone who came close to her cage. Dr Casey hoped that with our presence she would calm down so they could continue her therapy.

When we arrived, we saw Belle crouched in a corner of her cage. She wore a lampshade to prevent her from ripping out the drip like she had the previous night. Within the lampshade was the head of a vicious, hissing, spitting, growling feline; quite a different cat from the one we knew with the always-gentle disposition. Obviously she was incredibly stressed with her large canine neighbours, the unfamiliar surroundings and people, and the fact that she's still immobile just makes it worse for her. Even we were a bit intimidated by her demeanour but I opened the door and stuck my head inside the cage anyway to stroke her and reassure her that everything was still fine.

She relaxed, just a bit, and let me pet her head, though growling with every breath. Things remained like this for a while but when the big dog in the lower cage stirred a bit, Belle reared up and slammed her forepaw onto the floor of her stainless steel cage with shocking force. If not for my reflexes her claws might have ripped my forearm open, but it was clear she wasn't happy where she was and there was no way she was going to get any treatment like that.

Plan B then. Home nursing. We brought Belle home and prepared our guest-room for her. Her personal bed, dining area and sand-box. She is still immobile from the waist down so we have to regularly carry her into the sand-box so she can take a leak or a crap. In her condition, it's a messy process but we hope it will only be a temporary situation.

My main concern is when we have to give her her meds tomorrow. She's off her food tonight -- no appetite -- so maybe she'll be hungry enough in the morning to eat her pills along with her breakfast, else we'll have to syringe it down and I'm not looking forward to this potentially hazardous procedure one bit. And Dr Casey recommends we give her some physiotherapy too just to keep the circulation flowing back into her legs. Sweet as Belle is, she's a scary mother when she's riled. She's strong too, so we're expecting to be shredded quite often this week. Yikes.

Poor Belle. Get well soon. Please.

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