Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It doesn't take much to break my rhythm. 2 morning meetings and 1 afternoon of shopping around for bathroom floor tiles and I'm behind on my marking quota. Then again, overcoming inertia is always slow going in the initial stages. Let me take comfort in that.

Our bathroom renovation is about a week away and we still needed to make a decision on the kind of floor tiles we want. The contractor offered us some options that simply would not do. We couldn't find a suitable colour to match our wall tiles -- too light, too pinkish, too ugly... and the material didn't seem all that non-slip to us though they were supposed to be. The other option was to source our own tiles and pay for them outside our package deal though the contractor will install them at no extra cost to us.

A trip over to Balestier then, where we got a sand-coloured tile set for the bathroom. Delivery on Thursday, 7 boxes worth which I will have to personally carry from the void deck back to my unit 'cos delivery isn't a doorstep service. Guess I could use the workout.

While at Balestier, June bought a couple of durians from the stalls in front of the Chinese temple. They were potent, fragrant and delicious. More delays. Heh heh.

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