Friday, June 10, 2005

It's quite dangerous to leave the house with the intention to spend money. I got the urge to splurge and went to a once-favourite hangout where much of my disposable income in the past disappeared into -- Funan Centre.

After much internal debate and dramatic hand-wringing (no, not to June, but to myself) I succumbed to temptation and picked up a beautiful metallic blue 4GB i-Pod mini! This, despite my crusade against greedy record companies who won't compete against file-sharing technology. Guess they won after all.

What do I want an i-Pod for? Inspired by Amy who has a similar set-up, I intend to connect it to an i-Trip accessory and play my own song selections on the M2's stereo. After all, I was getting bored with the limitations of the CD player. You hear the same songs over and over again and it's kinda' troublesome to keep changing CDs all the time just to stay fresh.

The i-Trip attaches to the headphone jack and broadcasts the music files via FM band for the car radio to pick up and play. I just have to set one of my radio channels to FM87.9 and it's all my own music, baby! Now to let it charge overnight, then put it to the test tomorrow!

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