Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Needed a change of scenery. Needed to go far, far away and soak up some kind of different atmosphere. Furthest place I could think of was ECP, but it rained quite terribly in the morning -- not particularly conducive for a beach outing.

Fortunately, by noon the weather looked like it was clearing up a bit, so I took the chance and drove east. Dropped in for a quick bite at McD's while waiting for the weather to improve, and it did indeed. It was still cloudy, but sunshine came out in spots; good enough for me.

I was tempted to rent a bike or a pair of 'blades but the sky being temperamental as it was I didn't want to get tied down to a contract for an hour or two. BTW, the bike rental shops now have a rent 1 hour, get 1 additional hour free, but only on weekdays.

Forgoing rented wheels, I just strolled the footpaths taking in the breeze and looking out into the sea. People were camping out at the BBQ pits and having fun in the water. Me, I had the company of my i-Pod mini as I sought out the sun.

If the weather was better, I might have brought Q-tip. She would have enjoyed the airing.

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