Sunday, August 21, 2005

Couldn't wait to test the new toy the staff-room folks chipped in to get me. The equipment is gorgeous but the quality of the photographs still depends a lot on the skill of the photographer so the "Delete" button is still the most useful function so far. Nevertheless, here's a couple of shots from last night's event:

Some of the staff-room folks, stalwarts, spouses and dates.

Long-time pals: Mary, Jen and Adrian Posted by Picasa

And a couple that I took of the in-Laws, nephews and dogs during the short outing we had this afternoon:

More people we're bringing to sample the tranquility of Upper Seletar Reservoir. Posted by Picasa

The dogs get an airing as well. Posted by Picasa

BTW, The Pitstop is now open only on weekends, in case you're interested to try out the food. You should.

And finally, to test night-shooting capabilities I took this pic of Momo in near darkness:

Apart from Momo's scary eyes, night-shooting seems to work just fine! Posted by Picasa

A magnificent gift, thanks, guys!

Am now trying to collect pix off other cameras floating around last night. Amy and Gerald, care to d/l me shots for my collection?

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